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    The point system M-Point and the pay system CO-Pay used in the platforms

We Are EarthMeta7

About EarthMeta7

About BTC-NewYork

  • "Earth Meta7 means the 7th area of Earth’s virtual space, which means the 7th Earth on the Metaverse."
  • "Each platform provides a convenient, blockchain-based secure payment system for users around the world to form a free community."

Our Bussiness

company PTE. LTD. is transformed into a company that provides metaverse space based on various contents such as crypto asset exchanges, casino games, Tomoto, EM7 Lotto System game, Live Power Ball game, Slot games, Live Casino games, and Shopping Platform. The point system M-Point and the pay system CO-Pay used in the platforms increase convenience by enabling exchange with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and USDT. The biggest news is that a business partnership with the Bitcoin New York development team, where Bitcoin was hard forked in 2017, made it possible to hold coins before listing, establishing a system that allows for great opportunities with partners.

※BTC-NewYork will be listed on global exchanges around the world in 2022, just like the hard forked BTC Cash and Gold, and its value will increase.

EM7 Ecosystem

crypto asset exchanges


EM7 Lotto

Live Casino games

Live Power Ball game

Shopping Platform


Name : Earth Meta Company PTE. LTD.
CEO : Jason Seo
Established at : 2020.08.24
Capital : USD 1,000,000 + SGD 200,000
Register NO. : 202025443H
Address : 6 EU Tong Sen Street, #11-10E, The Central,Singapore (059817)
Main Business : Coin exchange, Messenger,Development & Provide software platform etc


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